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Головна Інформація Новини Happy 30th Birthday to Leuze electronic in Spain

Happy 30th Birthday to Leuze electronic in Spain


Leuze electronic S.A.U. in Barcelona (Spain) is looking back over 30 years of growth, innovation and commitment and in September will be celebrating its anniversary.

The sensor people of Leuze electronic S.A.U. (Spain)

On September 27, 2018, Leuze electronic S.A.U. (Spain) will be holding an event in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The main location of Leuze electronic S.A.U. in Spain is in Barcelona. Twenty sensor people who are committed to progress and growth currently work at this subsidiary. They are in daily contact with their customers and colleagues at the head office of the optoelectronics manufacturer in Owen/Teck (Germany). The company was established there in 1963. The product range includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, solutions for image processing and data transmission and also occupational safety components and systems. The subsidiary in Spain was one of the first branches of the company to be located in a different European country. "Spain is proud of its high growth rates, especially in the intralogistics, packaging and automotive industries", says Jaume Torres who has been managing director of Leuze electronic S.A.U. for more than 10 years. Apart from the subsidiary in Barcelona, there are further offices in Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao.