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Lots of news and prominent visit to Leuze electronic


On the very first day of the CeMAT trade fair on 19 May, Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG, based in Owen (Germany), welcomed a high class visit to our booth at the world's most important exhibition for the intralogistics sector.

As part of their grand opening tour of the fair, Stefan Kapferer, Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Stefan Schostok, Lord Mayor of regional capital, Hanover, accompanied by a 40-person delegation of prominent entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia, checked out the performance of the products and the know-how of the "sensor people" attending the show.

This year's key-note topic at CeMAT – "Smart, Integrated, Efficient" – suited Leuze electronic down to the ground. Highlights of the show included the very latest safety light curtains in the MLC 500 series, the outstandingly cleverly developed DDLS 500 data transfer photoelectric sensor with integrated web browser, the BPS 348i bar code positioning system with its integrated "availability control" millimeter-precise positioning and the new flexible and teachable RK46C-VarOS retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, which, in contrast to normal, selective object detection technologies, detects objects over a band area of up to 60 mm. Strong visitor interest and the many contacts we made during the course of the fair, particularly with international businesses, have been a source of great satisfaction to the people at Leuze electronic.

CeMAT is regarded worldwide as the number one trade fair in the Intralogistics sector. The show, with its substantially increased internationalization and the many new developments shown off by a total of 1025 exhibiting businesses – more than half of whom have come from abroad – finally closed its doors on Friday 23 May 2014. CeMAT's success – according to its organizer, it was responsible for a total of 1.7 million business contacts this year – is indicative of a sector that is truly booming. This represents a significant increase on the figures for 2011.